Preparing for a Visit to the Tailor

Your first visit to the tailor may feel strange at first. Because many tailors have seen it all and are no strangers to any surprises, you may not feel as comfortable around them as they do around you. But when it comes to needing alterations, a visit to the tailor is necessary.

  • Expect quick results. Most tailors have had years of experience and know their way around a sewing machine or needle. When you visit the tailor, you can expect fast turn-around times.
  • Be honest. You’re not going to hurt their feelings if you tell the tailor it’s too tight or too short. Be honest about how the clothing feels so that you don’t have to return next week with more alterations.
  • Return when possible. Be prepared to return to the same tailor when alterations are needed. Once you have begun forming a relationship with a tailor, he or she can then understand your style and how you like your clothes to fit. Each visit, from then on, will get easier and easier.

Visiting the tailor is like visiting the dentist; when you continue to regularly visit, the tailor will learn more about your clothing style and you will begin to feel more comfortable with their work.